Women’s Day Out Seminars

God’s Rest offers retreats called “Women’s Day Out” (WDO) 

For those who need a “time out” with God

To stretch their spiritual boundaries, refresh their walk, and be pampered with great food and fellowship.

Seminar Topics

God’s Waiting Room
Are you waiting for an answer to a prayer? Perhaps you’re concerned about a job opportunity, a relationship that’s not going well, or the healing of a loved one. If so, you’re in God’s waiting room, and how you “wait upon the Lord” is the test set before you. This seminar teaches how to prosper while you wait.

Now that the manger is put away, where is Jesus?
Sometimes in the midst of the busy holiday season we miss the life changing miracles of God. This study is about loving yourself where you are, accepting the miracle of Jesus living in you, and how to keep the miracle of the birth of Jesus all year long by walking by the Spirit.

Finding Rest When the Work is Never Done
Do you feel guilty about doing “nothing”?

Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family?

Do you feel your life is spent on a treadmill of busyness and you see no end in sight?

This Bible study discusses what the Word of God teaches about rest and how to slow down our busy lifestyles.

Renewing Your Mind
Are you tired of going around the same mountains again and again? We can only become new (transformed) by the renewing of our minds and changing our thought processes. In this study, you will discover how to throw out the “old man” and usher in the new/transformed woman of God.

Renewing Your Mind: The Hidden Chambers of the Heart
It is advisable for participants to have taken the first “Renewing Your Mind”, but not absolutely necessary. We will explore further the areas in our lives (the hidden chambers) that we have not given over to God and learn how to let God truly rule in our lives.

How to Create a Bible Garden
From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible speaks about plants, flowers, and herbs and how they were used in Old and New Testament times. This study will give an historical view of biblical plants and how you can use them in your yard or garden to make a Bible garden.

Psalms 103 – Changing Lives through Praise, Petition, and Power
Psa.103 is a recipe for peace, health, fulfillment, and redemption. Learn how to daily enhance your Christian walk by using the four “Rs”, and get a glimpse of God’s love for His children.

Time Management by the Book
Do you manage your time wisely? Are you overloaded and can’t seem to keep order in your life? This is a Biblical study of how God views time and how you can make more time in your life to accomplish
those things God is calling you to achieve. The world will tell you there is never enough time, but what does our Father say?

Women's Day Out!

We would love to have you as part  of the team.