Newsletter 2.4


Women’s Day Out (WDO) is an outreach to busy women that allows them to attend one day seminars to relax, refresh, and enhance their walk with the Lord. This past year, many women participated in the mini Bible studies that inspired, enhanced, and enlarged their spiritual growth in the Lord. In February, 14 women attended the first of this years mini-retreats with the seminar entitled “God’s Waiting Room”. Meeting other Christian women, enjoying breakfast in the garden, a specially prepared lunch, and a relaxing afternoon English tea all work together to help women go back to their everyday lives with new tools to uplift their lives and accomplish what God has called them to do

We all live busy lives. It’s much easier to give of ourselves to others from an overflow rather than scraping the bottom of the barrel. Take a day for yourself to be with the Lord, and let the Word of God refresh your life..


For those who do not know about the hospitality ministry of God’s Rest, this letter will be an introduction. For those who have been guests of the ministry and supported this effort of lifting up the body of Christ, this will be a review of the last year and a look at the months to come.

Last year was a great year for God’s Rest (GR), and we give God all the glory for the lives that were touched and refreshed in the Holy Spirit . Again, we were blessed to meet so many different Christians from as far away as Pakistan and Ethiopia, and as near as our own back yard. GR provided a home for evacuees from hurricane Rita, a haven for weary missionaries, and provided a peaceful place for friends and family to say goodbye to a wonderful mother and grandmother in the gardens all aglow with little white lights. Every year, we are asked to enlarge our borders by doing something new that we haven’t supplied before. It’s a blessing to the ministry to help those who come forward with a new need that we may be able to supply; these ideas and requests makes a dynamic ministry, and we welcome them! We are always open to the needs of God’s people, and if possible we try to meet those needs in whatever way possible.

This year, God’s Rest is taking the Women’s Day Out Seminars to several different venues. If your church, women’s group, or Bible study class would like a day of rest, wonderful fellowship, and great food for the soul as well as the body, reserve a day at the Humble location. If you desire to have Trish bring a Women’s Day Out teaching to your location of choice, we are making that available. Most topics take a minimum of four hours, but can be condensed to meet your needs.

1. “Finding Rest When the Work is Never Done” A teaching based on the work of Patrick Klingman.

2. “Renewing Your Mind”. A teaching based on the work of Nancy Missler.

3. “Renewing Your Mind; the Hidden Chambers of the Heart”A teaching based on the work of Nancy Missler.

4. “Psalms 103: Praise, Petition, & Power.”

5. “How to Plant a Bible Garden”

6. “God’s Waiting Room”.

A teaching based on the work of Karen Phillips Goodman

If you have an interest in any of these studies, call for more information at 281 852-9124 and speak with Trish Pinckert.



Vol. 2 No. 1


The Pinckerts are members of New Covenant Church in Humble and are blessed to have their Senior Pastors, Frank & Leah Mazzapica, and their Senior Assistant Pastor, Brenda Walker, on their advisory board. Michael and Trish have been called to minister to the family of God; to that end, God’s Rest is a respite from a busy, demanding world. Their first hospitality house, CornerStone, is in Atascocita, a suburb of Humble, and other locations are in the planning stages.

What is Your Calling?

Sometimes Christians spend a lot of time trying to find their “calling” in the body of Christ. For years, Michael & I enjoyed ministering to people by giving them shelter and food, or perhaps an evening of leisure with other Christians. We didn’t think anything of having 20 to dinner plus overnight guests, but all this time we we’re praying about what God wanted us to do “for Him”. One day, someone gave us an article written about the gift of hospitality and the proverbial light bulb went on over our heads! We realized that doing something that comes natural is a gift of God and can be used for His glory for His people. So God’s Rest became a reality in our lives and in the lives of those we’ve been blessed to minister to over the years.Do you have a burning desire to help others, or the gift of teaching? How about visiting the elderly and sick? What is it in your life that you burn to do in the body of Christ? Many people are looking for that one BIG thing that they can do for God. The day to day things we do in obedience to the Spirit is what is important in our journey with the Lord. What is it that you enjoy doing that will ultimately help the body of Christ? Think about it, talk to your brother, Jesus, and then listen to that still small voice of God.

If you are looking for a ministry in which to serve, God’s Rest is always available. Whether it’s helping to serve the women at the Women’s Day Out seminars, or working in the vegetable, herb, or flower gardens, or helping with administrative work, we are always in need of believers who have an hour or two a month to give to a work of love. If you feel called to help and would like to be involved in God’s Rest, please contact Trish or Michael Pinckert at 281 852-9124.


Each one of us had a mother and father — co-creators in our existence. Now, that can be a good thing, or a not-so-good thing. But we each grow up having the identical challenge — to outgrow our parenting. As adults we must leave home (physically, spiritually and emotionally) and become fully and wholly God’s children.

As we grow up, we learn to view God through glasses — one lens from our mother and one from our father. Our parents were our first “gods,” and we tend to apply to God their features and character qualities. They may have been wonderful, but they still were not perfect. They disappointed us in their humanness. If they were absent (physically or emotionally), immature, selfish, abusive, etc., we have a bigger job of learning to trust a perfect Heavenly Father who is none of those things.

What kind of God do you serve, the one patterned after your parents, or the one of the Bible — who loves us with an everlasting love, who corrects us because He loves us, who planned our existence and planned a good future for us?


Who’s your Daddy? Submitted by Beverly Blackstone, Licensed Biblical Therapist