Birthday Giveaway

 Give your Birthday AwayMinimize

God’s Rest Ministries Presents 
 “Year of the Great Giveaway”
Start a new tradition!
Give your Birthday Away this Year!
Instead of friends gathering to honor you for your birthday, give your own party and invite your friends to share in your fun.
Let God’s Rest be your party destination, for a luncheon, a dinner party, or even a slumber party (arrive for a light supper on Friday and enjoy a sumptuous brunch before leaving Saturday by 1pm).
There would be a nominal fee per person, depending on what you would like to do.
Doesn’t that sound like fun? Be the first in your circle to “Give Your Birthday Away.” Call Trish at 281-852-9124 to schedule your special day.
A Christian Spirit- filled Bed & Breakfast and Hospitality Ministry “Practice hospitality to one another without complaint”. 1 Pet.4: 9